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Retro Dinette Sets Buying Guide


We all love the funky colors, the creative designs - there is just something about retro dinette sets that can brighten any day! Retro may see outdated and yet it will never, ever run out of style. And if you are looking for small kitchen tables for tight spaces - lots of retro options abound.  Make sure you check out the really cool small dinette sets and retro dinette sets our advertisers have available at really great prices along with vintage dinette sets and retro dining sets.

Our advertsiers offer an amazing selection of retro dinette sets that are perfect for small spaces or larger areas:

For a few more of our favorites take a look below:

 Retro Dinette Sets


Retro Dinette Sets - Retro Chrome Dinettes

The retro comes from a Latin prefix which means “backwards”. Simply by going back into the past, we are creating a new beginning for the present. And that is why retro kitchen sets are back! By going retro in your kitchen, you are going for that timeless and classic appeal. Like a little retro funk - try retro chrome dinette sets and get transported back to the 50’s.  Small dinette sets with a retro look are a great choice for fun!

 Retro chrome dinettes


Retro Dinette Sets - Kitchen Dinette Set

By going retro with your kitchen dinette set, you fundamentally shift your life by giving respect to who you were. Hence, you give more value to what and who you are now. There is just something quite nostalgic about those quirky, attractive kitchen tables that you cannot seem to put your finger on. But then however, you will always find them irresistible! Plus, small dinette sets are usually just the ticket for small kitchen table solutions.  

Retro Dinette Sets - Pub Dinette Sets

Bold, eye-catching colors can give any dining room life. Imagine a shocking pink dining chair sets in your all white dining place - alluring it is! Or a red colored chair with black and white circle designs…truly fascinating. Looking for a solution for your den - try pub dinette sets with a little retro thrown in. 

 Retro Dinette Sets


The best thing about retro is that there are no rules - the more color, the better the effect. You can go all out and no judgment will be cast upon your little home decorating style prowess. You can be as eclectic or eccentric as you want to be and the bolder you get, the more intensity you can add to your dining room…so are you ready to show ‘em now- all for the love of retro?  

 Retro Dinette Sets - 5 Piece Dinette

Birmingham manufacturer is known to create the best retro dinette sets in the country today. They always make sure that every furniture will suit people who are still in the retro fever. This dinette set has a metal frame material and a hundred percent vinyl textile. You can comfortably sit in these chairs because it is made of a hundred percent polyurethane foam and is finished in chrome. You won't have a hard time cleaning this set because you can just clean it using a clean damp cloth.

Retro Dinette Sets

Retro Dinette Sets - Retro Planet Furniture

This vintage dinette set which is from Retro Planet Furniture will surely be loved by many. They are one of the most popular manufacturers in the whole world when it comes to retro furniture's. This set is made of chrome deco legs and a grooved aluminium trim. This set is finished in ocean blue and white matte laminate. What is good about this product is that you can choose the color that you want for your dinette set. You can choose something that will compliment your home interiors for it to perfectly match everything.

Retro Dinette Sets

Retro Dinette Sets - Chrome

This chrome dinette set from Retro Planet Furniture will surely bring a touch of brightness in every home. It is mainly because the set is inspired in cracked ice which will surely help brighten your kitchen, dining room and such. You will love this set because of the durability and the comfort that it will give you and your guests. The set is made of grooved aluminium trim with chrome deco legs. You can also have this set if you have a retro inspired restaurant. It will surely bring joy to every customer that you will have.

Retro Dinette Sets

Retro Dinette Sets - Deco Chrome

This warm color dinette set is from Retro Planet Furniture. It is made of aluminium grooved trim and a deco chrome legs. The set is finished in silver piping and zodiac blue color that will surely make every room feel warm. The manufacturer will allow you to choose from different table top Formica and vinyl fabric that will suit your tastes and style. Dining in into this alluring dinette set will surely bring pleasure to each and every one of you.

Retro Dinette Sets

Retro Dinette Sets - Red and White Vintage Deco

This Retro Planet Furniture product is one of the many bests that they have. It will surely bring fun and enjoinment to every people who will dine in here. It is mainly because of the finished which is red cracked ice and grey cracked ice which is in the V shape. The table and chairs are all made from high quality aluminium grooved trim to ensure durability and to ensure the stability of each of the legs, they are all made from chrome deco legs. For this set, you can also choose from their available laminate finishes to suit your mood and the mood that you want to create for your home.

Retro Dinette Sets