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Small Dinette Sets

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Small Dinette Sets - Buying Guide 


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Small Dinette Sets - creative stylish solutions for small spaces!

Retro Dinette Sets - Retro is always popular!

Counter Height Dinette Sets - Need a "tall' solution?

Not all of us are lucky enough to own a 100-room mansion like Aaron Spelling does - oh well before he decided to sell it. However, the issue here is that when your home is not as spacious to fit a grand dining set, you can still enjoy the luxury of dining in a small dinette set.

For people in search of kitchen tables for small spaces a dinette set can be just what you are looking for. So if you are shopping for a new dinette set make sure you check out our advertisers. They offer an amazing variety of different styles of small dinette sets from small retro dinettes to glass dinette sets  and contemporary dinette sets in all shapes and materials at very competitive prices.

Small Dinette Sets - Hillsdale Furniture

Hillsdale Furniture's is one of the best company who produces small dinette sets. They are known to create the most classiest designs when it comes to furniture. This dinette set will bring a style that is function to your dining room area. It has a pub table which is adjustbale and barstool aspen that you
and your friend will surely love. Whether your home interiors are contemporary or traditional this set will surely match your dining room area. The base of the table is finished in copper hue with a top black table. The barstool are finished in warm copper metal and deep brown, you can swivel the chair for 360
degrees without worrying of falling on the floor.

Small Dinette Sets


Small Dinette Sets - Casual   

Dinette sets are so cute and lovely in their own little way - you can be proud of them too. They are getting a lot of hype nowadays because of their timeless style and beautiful designs. Another great thing about a 3 piece dinette set is that it has a casual appeal, so unpretentious, that anyone who gets to dine with it will naturally feel right at home. 

Small Dinette Sets - Homestyle with Storage

Home Style is one of the leading companies when it comes to creating furniture. It is mainly because they usually create furniture's that will match the latest trends and styles of today. This set from Home Style is finished in ebony and is made from hardwood solids. The table itself has two doors which will give you two storage shelves where you can store your dining utensils such as plates, glass, and such. The bar stool has a shaped back feature and a seat swivel chair where you and a friend can sit comfortably. For stability a wood foot rest is also featured in this set.

Small Dinette Sets

Small Dinette Sets -Breakfast Nooks  

Whereas formal dining tables are for special occasions, small dinette sets are made for “everyday” use - hence, the more laidback they are. They can compliment whatever kitchen look you have due to their traditional image. Just the right solution for that small breakfast nook table you want.   

You can choose whatever kind you think will fit the image of your little kitchen - wood, be it contemporary or another.  

Small Dinette Sets - for Small Spaces 

This is also a good way to invest in when you and your family is just starting with your new home.  

We all need that “little space” where we can be ourselves in. A place where we are stripped of pretense - hence a place of happiness. Let dinette become a part of that little universe you have built for yourself and your family and friends. Dine with dinette - you will never regret it. If you also need a little extra storage in the living room and want to conserve space take a look at coffee tables with storage for creative ideas.

Small Dinette Sets  - Retro

We can all agree that our kitchen is one of the most “favorite” rooms in our home - and why is it again? It is where we usually gather to eat, to catch up with our everyday lives with the people that matter to us most - our family. Nothing like small breakfast nooks that let you set down and begin your day together or maybe a retro dinette set if you are looking to add a little fun into your kitchen.  

Small Dinette Sets - Kitchen Dinette Sets

So it is only a good thought to have a comfortable, cozy and lovely cute dinette sets to have great moments such as those. Choose small kitchen dinette sets that are very comfortable and yet, classy…and most especially, dual-functioned. Since you are having a limited kitchen space, the dinette set you buy should also be the table you can use when you are preparing dinner - it could be your cooking shrine or your chopping chore table. Counter height dinette sets can also make a great back up spot for food preparation as well. You can find small glass top dinette sets, small black dinette sets, even small counter height dinette sets shopping with our advertsiers.  

Small Dinette Sets - Southern Enterprise 3 Piece

This Southern Enterprise dinette set will give your dining room a practical yet beautiful scenery. This set will bring style to every room in your home, you can place this in your kitchen, living, or dining room. You can also place in the middle of the room or beside the window where you can enjoy the alluring scenery of your backyard or frontyard. This set is made from rubberwood construction that is durable. It is also finished in espresso which will be perfect during cold season as this gives a warm effect.

 Small Dinette Sets

There are so many different kinds of dinette sets like small bistro sets that you can choose from manufactured from a variety materials - from wood to glass, the choices are endless and the choice is up to you. The most important thing that matters at the end of the day is that the dinette set you have is attractive enough to give your lovely home a boost and it is useful and fitting enough to suit your lifestyle.  

Now there can only be one thing in your mind: IKEA, anyone? A great place to check out cool ideas for small kitchen tables that will amaze you because they are so creative and inexpensive.  

Small Dinette Sets - Linon Tavern Three Piece  

This three piece Linon Tavern set is one of the most in demand product from the company. The company Linon Tavern is famous in making simple yet elegant dinette set in the country today. This set will surely give you the space that you want from your dining room. This set is composed of a
rectangular simple table with long legs that are sturdy with counter height stools that are backless. The seats have rush for you to be comfortable while sitting. It is made from solid woods and is finished in rich espresso. You can keep the stools underneath the table when you are not using it for added

Small Dinette Sets

Small Dinette Sets - Hillsale Valenci Modern

This dinette set form Hillsdale Valencia will give your room a sophisticated look. This will surely be a great addition to every contemporary decor in your home. The base of the table is finished in oyster grey base with a black and vinyl top. The chairs are also finished in black top to perfectly match the table. You can adjust the height of the the bar stool according to your preferred height when dining or drinking with a friend, while the table can also be adjusted from thirty six to forty two inches in height.

Small Dinette Sets